California Governor Urges Men to Pee Outside

In a desperate attempt to avoid a statewide water shortage caused by the ongoing drought, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger requested that men pee outside on the lawns or in their gardens.

Schwarzenegger has presented his “urinate outside proposal” to the California legislature. The proposal outlined that It takes 5 gallons for a single flush. Men pee about six times a day or even more if they’re beer drinkers. If men just found a nice place to pee outside then we could save 30 gallons of water per man per day. That will save 10,950 gallons of water per man per year. There are 16 million men in California. If men would just pee outside the state could save a whopping 175,200,000,000 gallons of water a year! If men peed outside it could save the California produce industry from destruction.

Currently California has severe penalties including fines and/or imprisonment for outdoor or public urination. Schwarzenegger’s proposal would eliminate most of those penalties and even provide a tax break for men who urinate discreetly but the penalties would remain in place for men who overtly display their genitalia while engaging in the urinary act.

Many environmental groups praise the California initiative but also warned that too much peeing in one place would result in a permanent pee smell. Schwarzenegger has requested that each person deodorize his area after using.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures”, the governor stated. “If we do not act then the whole state will dry up!”

Though the act applies to men only for obvious reasons, Schwarzenegger has requested that women flush only after every sixth pee or once or twice daily.

“Now I must find out something to do about people shitting”, the governor stated.