California Legislature Makes Discrimination Mandatory

The California legislature has no only legalized discrimination but has made it mandatory for state and local contracts.

“We want to make sure that no wealthy white guys bid on California contracts”, said California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. “We want all our contracts to be awarded to Black people, Hispanics, women and maybe some Filipinos”.

Nearly every state and city contract contain provisions granting preference to disadvantaged, minority or women owned businesses. In turn, many women and minorities have been setting up ‘dummy corporations’ to cash in on the contract restrictions.

“I’m black, disabled and a woman. I’m gonna be rich!” said 45 year old Laticia Tisdale of Valencia, CA. Ms, Tisdale had been classified as disabled since she was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in March of 2008.

Ms. Tisdale has set up her own construction company and is granting herself a paycheck of $350,000 per year as she makes inflated bids for multi-million dollar construction projects. Meanwhile, she is simply hiring the white guys who got turned down for the contract to work for her as subcontractors.

“The governments can’t turn me down! I got preference!” Ms. Tisdale exclaimed excitedly.

Joe White, of White Man’s Construction Co., admitted that the only reason he’s working now is because he’s working for Laticia Tisdale. “I don’t like working for a skirt but ya go what ya gotta do”, White explained.

“I’m gonna but me a new Cadillac”, said Joe Jephers, a formerly unemployed disbaled Vietnam veteran. “I don’t know a thing about gardening but I just won a $24 million landscaping contract!”

Many other state and local governments are also pursuing the disadvantaged over the advantaged.