California Prop 8 supporters are Vile Scum: (my neighbors included)

(Ladera Ranch : California) Ucs Editorial- Hate has come to my street. I was hopping I would not have to see “Yes to Prop 8” signs on my street. I’m so disappointed.

We live in a great community, we all have some much to be thankful for so why do they target gays for discrimination? Have they been blinded by their religions? or right wing politicians? Why do people with so much wealth and freedom feel they must tear away the rights of their own neighbors.

They even feel they need to advertise their ignorance and intolerance on their front lawns. I will be so glad when this election is over, once the signs are down I won’t be reminded of their cruelty.

It’s going to take some time for me to get over the fact my neighbors are on the wrong side of this issue. Generally they seem like such nice people, it’s hard to believe they have such darkness inside their hearts.

I wonder if they lived in Germany during the 30’s would they have joined the Nazi party or just stood aside as the jews were burned alive? What if this was Alabama in the 1950’s, would my neighbors be part of a lynch mob chasing down blacks?

It’s hard to believe that these faithful church going folks would find themselves on the same side as the KKK.

It’s god dam un-American.