California Proposition 8 : Creepy Polygamists join fight against Gay Marriage

(Ladera Ranch : California) Ucs News Editorial– Now I’m a big fan of irony so I’m just loving the current fight against gay marriage in California. Before I dig into this topic I do need to go on record. I’m pro irony and pro marriage for all!

The California State Constitution is a document that defines and defends the rights of ALL of or citizens. OUR citizens White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Straight, Gay, Male Female and even androgynous sleaze balls are protected.

The California State Constitution is a document that should inspire our higher ideals not give place our human weakness. The California State Constitution belongs to all of us, it should not be a place to permanently enshrine our prejudice.

As for the Mormons, this is the best part. The Church of the LDS has come out to fight against gay marriage. To me it is funny that polygamists that practice a marriage tradition well outside mainstream of America would find it necessary to deny gays the same freedom? Please tell me why minorities always pick on other minorities?