"Can We Rebuild Iraq? Yes We Can!" says Bob The Builder!

Unconfirmed sources report that Bob The Builder will be heading up the reconstruction of Iraq. The Bush administration has been under growing international pressure to get things moving in Iraq. Bringing in Bob The Builder is seen as the administrations last chance to get reconstruction done before the January 30 Elections.

“This is just the kind of project Bob excels at.” Said White House spokesman Ben Lion. “Bob has been a close friend of the President’s from way back in the Texas oil fields. Whenever the President had a big job under tight deadlines he called in Bob. Bob has the right kind of ‘can do’ spirit in the face of impossible odds that the President requires in close supporters.”

“We can do it alright.” Boasted Bob The Builder at a press conference announcing his take over of the project. “This is just not that difficult a job. We have the manpower and the specialized equipment needed to get the job done here or in Iraq. Are there challenges to overcome? You bet there are, but I have never failed to finish a project. As a matter of fact I have never been on a project that didn’t have a happy and educational outcome. I bet we will have this job done in time to have the kids in bed by 7pm.”

Iraq watchers are hailing the appointment of Bob to head the reconstruction as yet another masterstroke by the President in his handling of Iraq. “This is terrific.” Said Bob Novak, a noted political hack. “It is about time the administration got serious about Iraqi reconstruction. The big name American construction companies have fallen down on the job and something needed to be done.”

Halliburton and Bechtel officials have declined to comment publicly on the appointment of Bob to head up reconstruction, but privately express misgivings. They question weather Bob has any ‘real’ achievements to back up his claims of success on jobs of this scale. Bob has lots of supports there is no doubt of that, but can he deliver in the ‘real world.’

Only time will tell if Bob’s “We can do it!” attitude will be enough to get things done in Iraq, because as everybody except the President knows, right now “We can’t do it.”