Casey Anthony Agrees to Pose Nude for Hustler Magazine

Acquitted baby-killer Casey Anthony has accepted Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt’s offer of $500,000 plus a piece of the profits to pose nude for Hustler Magazine, according to sources.

“Hey, if she’d kill a baby for nothing then did you think she had moral standards?” Flynt asked. “We’re hoping this issue will sell off the shelves!”

Flynt says Anthony may makes millions off this one project.

Out of 3497 men interviewed, one expressed interest in seeing her naked.

“I’ve seen all kinds of naked women”, the man explained. “But I’ve never seen a naked baby killer”.

“I will finally be making the kind of money I’ve always dreamed of!” Anthony said in a statement. “Who says crime doesn’t pay?”

Flynt did suggest Anthony have a few ‘nips and tucks’ before exposing herself in front of the cameras.