Casey Anthony Current Location Revealed

Unconfirmed Sources have discovered that Casey Anthony is staying at 11236 Maple Wood Drive in Goleta, CA and has revealed this information just in case anyone would want to get in touch with her.

“I felt it was my duty to report where she was staying just in case anyone in her family is trying to reach her”, said Unconfirmed Sources reporter NickFun. “I know most people are decent and they will not abuse this knowledge”.

Fun claims that he found out where Anthony was staying by hacking her cell phone and listening to her messages. “I know that’s a little unethical, but at least this way her loved ones will be able to reach her or visit her with a pie or something”.

Fun has been accused of being a ruthless and heartless journalist who will violate every code of human decency to get a story. Fun refutes those claims.

“I know if I was in some unfamiliar town where I didn’t know anyone I would like for my loved ones to come by and visit”, he claimed.

Fun was later reminded that Anthony has no “loved ones”.