Casey Anthony Fights For Murderers Rights

Newly released Casey Anthony says she is being denied housing, transportation, denied service at restaurants and claims other forms of discrimination just because she is a murderer.

“Murderers are the only people being legally discriminated against in this country!” Anthony charges. “The law turns a blind eye when we are discriminated against!”

Anthony claims she walked into a beachfront restaurant last week and was greeted with a sign which read: “no shirt, no shoes or if you are Casey Anthony, no service”

She claims that a real estate agent turned her down for an apartment last week, a shoe clerk wouldn’t fit her and even a dance club asked her to leave.

“That dance club let in drug dealers, rapists and the scum of the Earth but they kicked ME out!” she lamented.

Other murderers have expressed the same frustrations. Justin Boulay, a convicted murderer who spent 12 years behind bars for strangling his girlfriend in 1998, said, “I moved to Hawaii the day I left prison and I had to move in with my wife because I couldn’t find an apartment on my own!”

Anthony said she plans to start a petition drive calling for equal rights for murderers and will have it placed on a national referendum. However, no one interviewed said they would sign.