Casey Anthony To Be Tried For Parking Violation

After her acquittal of murder charges, Casey Anthony still has to answer to a charge of parking in a ‘residents only’ space.

We can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony illegally parked in a ‘residents only’ space just days before her daughter was found murdered”, said Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton. “Her car was there and she was ticketed!”

Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez claimed Anthony has a ‘visitors permit’ at the time of the alleged parking mishap.

“She was visiting a friend in the area at the time!” Baez insisted. “At no point was she in violation of the law!”

Public opinion on the parking charge was mixed. “From what I understand she was only there for a couple of hours”, said local resident Jan Stevens. “If I was on the jury I’d find her not guilty”.

Others disagreed. “It’s hard enough for residents in that area to find parking!” said local accountant Phil Spores. “We can’t have people like Casey Anthony flouting the law to their own advantage and causing parking nightmares for people who actually live there!”

Jury selection for the parking violation is expected to take several weeks followed by a three week trial.