Not Staying in Vegas.
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Scientist Prove Only 62% of What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

March 27, 2017 Staff

(Las Vegas) Unconfirmed Sources reports that contrary to the ‘What happens in Vegas’ marketing campaign a recent study proves that only 62% of what happens stays in Las Vegas. The findings of the study could [Read more]

Devin Nunes Wins White House Internship.
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Devin Nunes Wins Coveted White House Internship

March 26, 2017 Staff

(Tulare, CA) Hometown boy Devin Nunes does good.  Nunes has won a very prestigious White House internship. Nunes bested a wide field of applicants for the internship in the White House Press Office. “We are [Read more]

Trump With Enemies List
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Trump Adds Freedom Cacus Members to Enemies List

March 24, 2017 Staff

(Washington D.C.) Unconfirmed Sources report that Mr. Trump has added 32 GOP lawmakers to his enemies list.  After the failure of the House to pass Trump Care Mr. Trump feels the need to seek revenge aginst [Read more]

Tillerson Hitchhiking to Save Money.
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Tillerson Hitchhikes Home to Save Funds

March 21, 2017 Staff

(Washington D.C.) Unconfirmed Sources reports that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been spotted hitchhiking home from his latest trip overseas.  Due to budget cuts at the State Department, Tillerson could only fly to Los Angelas [Read more]

Trump Accidentally Tells Truth
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Trump Accidentally Tells Truth

March 18, 2017 Staff

Promises to never do it again. (Washington D.C) Unconfirmed Sources report that Mr. Trump, the Inhabitant of the White House, has accidentally told the truth.  The incident happened in the East Room of the White House during an ‘interview’ [Read more]

Trump in Hawaii During Better Times.
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Trump Blasts Hawaii! “Foreign Courts Have No Right to Stop Muslim Ban!”

March 15, 2017 Staff

(Hawaii)  Unconfirmed Sources report that Mr. Trump is tweeting his displeasure at the Hawaiian court that blocked the Trump Muslin Ban 2.0.  Mr. Trump took to the internets upon hearing of the ruling. “Foreign Courts Have No Right [Read more]

Uss TrumpCare Burning Out of Control.
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USS TrumpCare Strikes Heller’s Rock, Burns

March 12, 2017 Staff

(Chesapeake Bay) Unconfirmed Sources report that the Navy’s newest ship the USS TrumpCare struck a submerged rock and is now burning out of control.   The unlucky vessel launched last week was on sea trials [Read more]

Scott Pruitts Farting Polar Bears
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Polar Bear Farts Blamed for Mid-West Winter Wind Storm

March 12, 2017 Staff

(Washington D.C.) Unconfirmed Sources are reporting that Scott Pruitt has blamed Canadian polar bears for the massive wind storm that left over 1 million people without power.  Pruitt, Administrator of the Agency(formerly known as the [Read more]

Trump, Ryan and Pence Take GOP Healthcare Plan on the Road.
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Pence, Trump and Ryan Take Critically Ill GOP Health Care Plan on the Road

March 11, 2017 Staff

(Maryland)  Unconfirmed Sources report that Mr. Trump, Mike Pence, and Paul Ryan have taken the GOP health care proposal out on the road.  The trio checked the proposal out of the hospital early today and are taking [Read more]