Chalabi Meets with Rice and Others in DC

Washington, DC (International Perspirer) – Ahmed Chalabi, Iraq’s deputy prime minister, in town to meet with Condoleezza Rice and other administration officials was also seen out on the town discreetly meeting in a bar last night with none other than recently indicted Vice Presidential assistant Scooter Libby and recently dismissed New York Times journalist Judith Miller. Chalabi was followed as he left his bloc of luxury suites at the Ritz Carlton last night around ten, and was seen going into a small DC Pub across town. A Perspirer reporter and photographer followed Mr. Chalabi and his entourage into the pub where he met with the couple who were apparently already waiting there.

Left to right, Chalabi, Libby, Miller (Click to Enlarge)

The three were noted to share a few beers, but remained low key and did not appear to become intoxicated. The three were overheard apparently discussing a possible sequel to Libby’s wildly successful suspense thriller, “The Apprentice”, and a possible title of “The Aspens of Baghdad” was discussed. Miller appeared to have recovered from some of the weight loss she suffered during her recent 85-day prison stint. Libby was noted to be apparently walking quite well, and without the crutches that he has been seen with recently in court appearances. The Pub manager was noted to be struggling with the now overflow capacity crowd which seemed to be made up of mostly plain clothes body guards, Secret Service, CIA, and FBI agents.

Immediately after the Perspirer photographer snapped this picture, Chalabi and Libby became very agitated. The three quickly left in separate vehicles, and the pub was emptied of patrons within a matter of seconds.

Lindsay Lohan, in town to promote a campaign for National No Fault Auto Insurance had her rental car sideswiped by an unidentified speeding black Humvee which was leaving the scene. While Ms. Lohan was not injured, approximately $3000 damage was done to her car. Ms. Lohan, virtually in tears, spoke to the Perspirer reporter and said, “Geico is never going to believe this.”