Chanel Unveils New Line of Lipstick/Fragrances with RJR's Camel No. 9

New York, NY (APE) – Parisian based House of Chanel today announced a new series of women’s lipsticks and fragrances designed to coincide with the release of RJR’s Camel No. 9 cigarette brand. A spokesperson for Chanel stated that the new line was designed to accentuate female smokers attracted to the new cigarette while accommodating non-smoking women who simply wish to project the allure of the cigarette smoker.

“Our new perfume, Camel No. 9, is an exquisite blend of actual camel urine with the tart aroma of a well worn ashtray,” stated the Chanel spokesperson. “There is a slight touch of nicotine added for extra allure as well as a refreshing pick me up.”

The Chanel spokesperson stated that, just as the RJR cigarette brand, their line of products was also targeted towards a younger female audience with an eye towards introducing teens and preteens to cosmetics. Chanel dismissed concerns over the inclusion of small quantities of nicotine in their products stating that the FDA had not as yet chosen to regulate nicotine as a drug. As a precaution, however, surgeon general warnings will be discretely placed on all packaging.

“We’re looking forward to a tremendous hit with this line, as our pre-marketing surveys have been out of the roof, particularly with girls in the 12 to 16 age group,” stated the Chanel spokesperson.

Chanel went on to say that preliminary studies were underway to investigate the feasibility of possible future tie-ins with other feminine care products as well as birth control.