Charlie Sheen Vows to Free Libya "I have the Blood of Freedom in my veins!"

(Benghazi, Libya) Ucs News: Former American TV star Charlie Sheen has announced plans to free Libya. “I have tiger blood in me and the people of Libya need my help.” said Sheen. According to Sheen’s press agent, “Charlie knows he can go man to man with that Quadafi guy.”

“I’ve got some time on my hands.” stated Sheen. Following Sheen’s drug fuel ego maniacal melt down the production of his television show “Two and a Half Men”. The Actors schedule is in Chuck Lorre’s words “wide open”

Sheen’s plans include, Personally enforcing a no fly zone, feeding the poor, jailing Quadafi’s family and reestablishing democracy. “I’m Charlie Sheen and I kick ass.” he said.