Charlton Heston's will calls for Support of Moderate Gun Control

(USA : California) Ucs News– To Gun control advocates the reading of Charlton Heston’s Will and Testament was cause for celebration. According to the law firm of Crouch and Swindle, The Heston estate has donated 6 million dollars to the Gun Safe America Fund.

The Gun Safe America Fund, founded in 1985, is a non-profit organization dedicated supporting public safety by helping pass “sensible” gun control laws. Working in over 20 states the groups focus is to help police pull cheap hand guns off the street and keep deadly assault style weapons out of the hands of criminals.

According to The Gun Safe America, Charlton Heston was a founding board member of the group. GSA’s spokesman Cliff Redstone stated “Heston was key the groups success, although his involvement was secret.”

The executer of Heston’s will, The firm Crouch and Swindle confirmed the 6 million dollars had already been transferred to the GSA’s general operations account. Cliff Redstone confirmed the money will be used to pursue Heston’s dream of a balanced sensible gun policy.