Cheney defiant over al-Qaida link to Nancy Pelosi

(Washington D.C. ; Ucs News) The US vice-president, Dick Cheney, continued to insist yesterday that there was a link between House majority leader Nancy Pelosi and al-Qaida, in spite of the publication of declassified intelligence documents showing the opposite.

The documents, once secret, were released after pressure from the Democrats, who took control of Congress in November. A link with al-Qaida was one of the reasons given by the Bush administration for it’s opposition to Pelosi’s recent visit to Syria. According to Cheney “The visit proves Nancy is in league with Al-Qaida and that she hates America.”

The documents, previously marked top secret, form part of an internal US inquiry into whether hawks in the Bush administration – in particular the bafoon Douglas Feith, an under-secretary at the defence department – manipulated intelligence, lied to the State Department and just made up shit following Cheney’s instructions .

The report, carried out by the inspector-general, Thomas Gimble, concludes Mr Feith acted inappropriately but not illegally and ignored the consensus in the intelligence community that proved there was no established link between Nancy Pelosi and al-Qaida.

Vice-president, Dick Cheney has also blamed Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic congress for Baghdad’s surging violence. “It’s clear to me and the terrorists that Democrats are ready to sacrifice the American way of life.” According to Cheney democracy is the best thing for Iraq and the middle east but the democratically elected US congress is a failure.