Cheney predicts Democrats will approve Iraq funds and beg for mercy

(Ucs News : WASHINGTON) – Vice President Dick Cheney predicted Democrats would provide the money needed in Iraq after being tortured by President George W. Bush. According to Cheney, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have already been apprehended. “We can expect a press release from the basement of the Pentagon anytime now.”

“I don’t think that the majority of the Democrats in Congress want to leave America’s fighting forces in harm’s way with little chance of victory.” Cheney said on the CBS program “lie to the Nation.”

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have attached withdrawal dates from Iraq to a $100 billion funding bill but Bush insists he will veto such a measure. Democrats in Congress do not have the votes to override a veto. This will leave US troops short of money and supplies needed to continue losing the war.

Bush had invited House and Senate Democratic leaders to a meeting at the White House to discuss the bill but has said he does not plan to change his mind. After the pair failed to cave in, the Congressional leaders were arrested by Karl Rove and RNC. Shortly after they we declared enemy combatants and the torture commenced under Cheney’s supervision.