Cheney Responds to Putin Retort

Boston, MA (Rotters) – Vice President Dick Cheney today visited the site of the “Big Dig” where a motorist was tragically killed yesterday. Speaking with reporters afterwards, he took the opportunity to respond to remarks made by Russian president Vladimir Putin, elevating a “cold war” of words between the two which began over criticisms from Mr. Cheney.

“I understand Mr. Putin had some comments over how I handle a gun,” stated Mr. Cheney “Well, I’ll offer a standing invitation to him anytime to come hunting with me, and we’ll just see if I can’t hit whatever I want to. Democracy has historically been spread effectively at gunpoint in America, and it’s a lesson that he would do well to spread in Russia.” Cheney then chambered a round into the shotgun that he happened to be carrying for emphasis.

Cheney’s latest remarks came after Putin referred to Cheney’s acerbic criticism of the slow progress of Democratic Reform in Russia from a speech made in Lithuania in May. Putin had called Cheney’s criticism “an unsuccessful hunting shot” earlier in the day.

The White House refused to speculate on the reasons behind Cheney’s visit to Boston, but rumors indicated that he was involved in negotiations for a no-bid contract for Halliburton to complete the controversial “Big Dig” construction project. Halliburton was noted earlier in the day to have lost their contract with the US armed services in Iraq.