Cheney Travels to Australia:Wins most hated award "down under"

Sydney (Ucs News International) Prime Mister John Howard can now breath a sign of relief. With the arrival of Dick Cheney in Sydney the US Vice President has become the most hated man on the continent.

The unpopular Howard has been lashed by all sides recently, his botched domestic agenda and his baboonish foreign policy have his supporters and critics alike furious. With the infamous Dick Cheney the focus of the Australian public’s scorn and ridicule, Howard gets a much needed break.

Public disgust aside, John Howard today promised to put the case for a speedy trial for Hicks in firm terms when he meets Mr Cheney. The Prime Minister said he has long held the view that Hicks should face trial because of the seriousness of the allegations against him.

It’s reported that Howard will beat Cheney over the head with a cricket bat until he agrees to release Hicks into Australian custody. Speaking to reports Howard had strong word for his American guest. “I know I speak for Australia when say we have had enough. Hicks is criminal that deserves justice, 5 years without a trial is un-Australian and Un-American.”