Cheney Urinal a Hit in DC Area Bars

Washington, DC (O! Online) – Neuhold Gerhard, the owner/distributor of a set of controversial urinals, which had recently been removed from public toilets around the Vienna Opera House in Vienna Austria has apparently re-introduced them in a number of local Washington, DC area bars. Austrians had complained of the urinals as being “sexist and inappropriate” and they were quietly removed this weekend from a public toilet near Vienna’s national Opera.

“After the pictures of the toilets appeared online,” stated Gerhard, “I was approached by a couple of entrepreneurs to make a couple of slight modifications. We FedExed the results overnight, and we seem to have a hit on our hands.”

One DC bar owner, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that beer and mixed drink sales had skyrocketed over the weekend, as male patrons, apparently clamored to use the facilities. “We did have some problems initially with some people misusing the facilities,” the bar owner stated, “but that behavior has petered out somewhat. The initial misuse of the new toilets, gave us an idea, and we are currently in talks with Neuhold Gerhard Ltd. to possibly introduce a Bush bidet for the women’s facilities.”

The bar owner concluded, “We initially were afraid that the Cheney urinal might provoke some outrage like what happened in Austria, but so far, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. I have even had some long-standing Republican patrons thank me and give a thumbs up afterward.” The owner stated that the units have functioned very well thus far, but are prone to leaking occasionally.