Chertoff has 'gut feeling something's gonna happen' U.S. shakes in fear!

As usual, when things get a bit distasteful in Iraq, and the need arises to distract the public, Bush has Chertoff arrange for another ‘ THE TERRORISTS ARE COMING! THE TERRORISTS ARE COMING!’

The previous phony alerts were attributed to those who unfortunately had Arabic names; material found on Middle East websites, or dubious information extracted by torture. The latest alert is based on Michael Chertoff’s ‘gut feeling’!… Tape your windows! hunker down, flee to Greenland, don’t drink the water, Aaaaah! Chertoff has a gut feeling!!!

Chertoff’s job is to protect the homeland from manmade and natural disasters. Remember how well he did with Hurricane Katrina? One didn’t need intelligence analysis or stomach gas to see that disaster coming; all you had to do was turn on the Weather Channel and chart the storm track. Somehow, the federal government’s massive failure to prepare for and recover from the storm was sloughed off on some unremarkable bureaucrat named “Brownie.” Chertoff’s dome somehow escaped the chopping block as he is skilled at arranging scary doomsday scenarios.

I’m going to stick my neck out and make a prediction with which you may or may not agree, but here it is:

El Queda, the Taliban and their followers ARE NOT planning an attack in the U.S.A. Why? Because it would play directly into Bush’s hands!

An attack would immediately boost his approval level, as he bravely stands on the rubble heap and tells us, “I told you so!”

I don’t think that Bush and his diminishing cohorts are ready yet to really blow something up and use it as a justification to further trash the Constitution on their road to a theocratic autocracy, but who knows what desperate sociopaths will do?

There is one answer… and only one answer, which will salvage what remains of a rapidly disappearing democracy…

Bush and Cheney, MUST BE IMPEACHED…. taking with them their unbelievably incompetent, unskilled appointees; all owned by religious fundamentalists or corporate lobbyists with vested interests. Let your congressman know how pissed off you are.