Chihuahua Edges Greyhound in Blind Taste Test

Unconfirmed sources are reporting that a recent blind taste test has put to rest the contention in the dog meat eating world that Greyhound meat is the most tender of all dog meat. The recent test preformed in an undisclosed location has proven that the Chihuahua is indeed the top dog at the dinner table.

“The test was preformed very carefully.” Says the lead researcher, who whished to remain anonymous. “We took samples from many breeds of dog and carefully gave them identical preparations before allowing the panel to taste them. We took great pains to control all the factors we could, such as dog age and the level of general fitness. The results were a big surprise. I think the Chihuahua has been getting a bad rap and this test should pave the way for more of them to appear at the dinning room table.

“I find this whole thing shocking and truly distasteful” Says dog lover V