China Products dangerous and defective : Wal-Mart shoppers just don't care

BEIJING (Ucs News) China’s shoddy product safety record took another hit as toothpaste containing a chemical used in antifreeze was recalled, as was 450000 faulty truck tires. But it was no surprise that shoppers at the US retail giant Wal-Mart “Just don’t Care”.

Wal-Mart the leading US importer of low cost good manufactured in China reports no concerns with dangerous or defective products. A recent survey of Wal-Mart customers showed #1. Most shoppers read at 4th grade level and #2. If the goods are cheap, “They Just Don’t care”.

Wal-Mart Shopper Davis Resard, from Chillicothe Ohio, stated “I Want that $29 DVD player. I don’t care if it shorts out and burns down my trailer. I got to have it!”

In response to the growing threat of defective China Made goods in its stores Wal-Mart promised to “Fly the American a little higher during the 4th of July sale.”