Chinese Officials promise : Blood to be cleaned off streets before Olympics

(Beijing: China) Ucs News : In preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics The Chinese Government has promised the International Olympic Committee that the Bloody mess from this weeks Tibetan protests will be cleaned up in time for the opening ceremonies.

The People’s Daily reported, “Street cleaning crews for from the 6 surrounding provinces will be deployed with fire hoses, brooms and over 75,000 conscripted prisoners.

Speaking in a conference call with IOC officials China’s top organizer stated, “We will be sure to have all the blood and smashed brain tissue scrapped off the streets and side walks.” Lee Bao Cheng, confirmed that all signs of the ongoing oppression will be removed, Cheng went on to promise “We will even remove all the oppressed peoples….to insure tranquility.”

Leading sanitation officials consider this a monumental task. After reviewing the human carnage and physical damage to property, Buck Griswell Stated “it’s one hell of a mess they have to work on, the broken glass mixed with blood is particularly hard to get sorted out.” According to Griswell the Chinese sanitation workers will need months to get things back into shape.