Christine O'Donnell and Carl Palladino- Mid Term Campaign Updates

I’ve been in New York for the last couple weeks. There, the big deal is a dude named Carl Palladino, the GOP candidate for Governor. The guy, in his own words, has vowed to work with only who he wants to work with, will take a “sledgehammer” to Albany politics and nearly got into a fistfight (I only heard the audio, but by the end of the five or seven minute clip of the argument I was waiting for the sounds of scraping chairs and fist hitting flesh). Another angry, angry rich guy guying to buy a seat in government. Andrew Cuomo, no stranger to angry outbursts himself, but with a track record, including being the current State Attorney General, is leading by the last poll by 24%.

In Delaware an angry, angry poor girl, Christine O’Donnell, is living in the townhouse that’s listed as her campaign headquarters, a clear violation of campaign funding rules- like you having a home office buy deducting your entire house on your taxes. She started out her first commercial by explaining she’s not a witch.

I haven’t really heard much from Rand Paul after his postulating that White People didn’t have to serve Black Folk if they didn’t want to.

A new report (I’m shocked and stunned to say) shows that nearly half of the Tea Party, already shown to be overwhelming disaffected Republicans, also identify themselves as Christian Fundamentalists.

I don’t know what going on in Nevada and Arizona…that’s Walid and Nickfun’s area. There are so many strange and dangerous people running on the Tea Party line that it’s impossible for one Liberal democrat to track them all, so we have to split em up.

President Obama has finally started stumping, something he should have done in June, but with the BP Spill and other related disasters would have gotten excoriated for had he done it. Democrats and the others who supported Mr. Obama in 2008, are finally beginning, thanks to John Stewart and Stephen Colbert, to show signs of realizing that the President is under siege and we haven’t done a thing to support him. More importantly, they’re illustrating the point that the backlash against the first…really tanned…President is being led by shadowy billionaires on one end operating an army of complete idiots on the other.

There’s a most excellent cartoon by Wiley Miller ( Non Sequitur) from Monday’s paper. A crowd of protestors marching under a banner that says, “Government FOR the People who hate Government, BY the people who hate to Govern!” The tag line is “Remember how you used to scoff at my theory that stupidity is contagious?” That’s the Tea party today.

I used to see the Tea Party as a dangerous pre-cursor to Germany in the 1930’s, but now I’m beginning to hope again that the Tea People have gone so far that even they may begin to realize that they’re building a Frankenstein’s monster. Yes, they’re angry. Well, welcome to the club; Liberals had been angry for eight years of Bush in Iraq, the failure in Afghanistan, Old Europe, If you’re not with us you’re for the enemy, Crusades against the Evil-Doers, outing CIA agents in retribution and tax breaks for billionaires. Oh yeah, and the complete collapse of the global economy and the Republican administered TARP program. Although we pushed for criminal investigations, including High Crimes and Misdemeanors, we never formed a Tea Party-like entity to force government to grind to a halt. Only people completely unversed in the ways of government would do that.

So today is October 4th, 2010; the elections are just weeks away, along with the potential to hopelessly gridlock government on every level…Federal, State and Local, just when things are showing the most miniscule signs of progress. The world is once again watching and listening to what we do here. Despite what they may say, they still see the need for a strong America based on the traditional Jeffersonian principles of ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness’ in a country where ‘All Men Are Created Equal”.

Jefferson was not a Fundamentalist Christian by the way, he was a Secular Humanist and not at all sure there even was a God or that Jesus was His Son. William Penn was a Quaker, John Adams was a Unitarian, George Washington was Church of England, Thomas Paine, the author of ‘Common Sense and The Age of Reason, which questioned organized “revealed” religion and admitted his own advocacy of deism, demanding a “free rational inquiry” into, among other things, religion. The point is that America was not, as the Tea People would have you believe, founded on a Judeo-Christian belief system, at least not any codified one. It’s why there is a ‘Separation of Church and State’.

The Forefathers didn’t believe in no taxation, they (somewhat disingenuously, given that most Britons didn’t have this right either) demanded ‘No Taxation without Representation’, which we in America actually have- no new taxes at any level, Local, State or Federal, can be imposed without the majority (and sometimes 2/3rds majority) of our elected representatives approving them.

Politicians running for office can’t call Americans “A nation of whiners”, they can’t plainly say the Baby Boomers are a self-centered pack of entitled and greedy spoiled generation, but I, being one of them, god help me, can. You are. Stop it now. You had your decades long party, now man up and pay for it. Stop talking about the ‘debt we’ll leave our grandchildren’ and start reducing that debt now.

Finally, I’m a satire writer…I like writing funny stuff. I don’t feel like constantly berating any reader bored enough to have gotten this far. But until this nation can unite, not behind one idea or political theory or party, but behind the concept that America is the place where we figure it out and get it done, until we begin working together again, there’s just nothing funny to write about…well, maybe Christine O’Donnell and Sarah Palin. But those jokes are on us.