Chuck Terzella Editorial: Thank You

Monday, December 26, 2005

You know, you get pissed off at something and after stewing about it for awhile it just gets to the point where you just have to say something about it. This happened to me several years ago, oddly enough just about the time George W. Bush and his cronies decided to take over my country by any means possible, even if meant stealing a Presidential election.

At first I tried just calling the White House, figuring that if I could just get George on the phone and explain things to him he’d abdicate his throne and things could get back to normal, but apparently their secretarial pool is a bit inadequate since they never returned my calls. I waited and waited too. Then I got ticked off and began writing the crap I write and posting it on the web. For some reason Unconfirmed Sources, in an obvious fit of stupidity and lack of quality control, decided to allow me to become a regular contributor. Suckers.

Still, it’s hard to know how people are reacting to your work. Sure you can see how many hits you get, but you have no idea if someone liked or disliked your piece or even if they read the whole thing before intentionally crashing their computers in order to make sure they never mistakenly click on your work again. That is, until just recently.

When my own laptop crashed and burned, I called my editor here at US and told him that it would be awhile before I could afford to replace it and therefore I’d be offline indefinitely. Unknown to me, my lack of posting caused a bit of discussion on the Letters To The Editor page here and led to the setting up of a Pay-Pal account to help me buy a new machine. When Kamal called me to say that their was sixty dollars in it after a few days I was surprised and amused. It was sweet I thought; someone had obviously thought they were donating to a Katrina relief fund and mistakenly hit the wrong button. Of course I had no intention of correcting their error and was more than willing to benefit from it. When Kamal sent me a check several days ago that was large enough to cover nearly the entire purchase amount of a new computer I was shocked, stunned, confused and confounded. There were two possible explanations for the amount on the check.

The first one, and to my mind still the most likely one, is that there are a whole lot of stupid people out there, wildly clicking on icons and inadvertently sending me money. Don’t get me wrong, that would be great, but Kamal brought up another possibility…what if…just what if…people actually liked what I wrote well enough to want me to continue doing it enough to actually send money to make it happen. After we both wiped the tears of laughter from our eyes and I hung up the phone, I began to wonder if this may be true. I, contrary to everything I’ve ever said, do indeed seem to have an ego and it was getting really gratified by thinking that people liked my work. So I’m going to work on the assumption for now that this is indeed the case…people liking my work I mean, not the ego thing. Forget I said anything about that.

So now, I’m in possession of a brand spanking new laptop that isn’t really mine. It belongs to those of you that bought it for me. Don’t for one minute think that I’m going to give it back; someone’s got to show some measure of sanity here and those of you who paid for it obviously won’t, so I will. But I do have to let you all know just how touched and grateful I am to you all. The knowledge that you like what I do is perhaps the greatest Christmas present I’ve ever received.

So. in closing, dear friends, I just like to say this…my car has been really fucking up recently and I’ve had my eye on a new one for sometime now. I’m not suggesting anything here, I just thought…oh forget it.

Merry Ramachaunzamas or whatever the hell holiday you celebrate, Happy new Year and in all seriousness, thank you.