Chuck Terzella To The Rev. Scratch Messiah, re: Hugo Chavez

Every now and then I get an email response to one of my articles that I just have to share. I’m told by my editor that I may reproduce this missive in it’s entirety, but I have to change the senders name. I can tell from the email address the sender appears to be a Reverend of some sort…so I’ll call him Scratch Messiah. I don’t know what Church the Rev. Scratch Messiah purports to represent, but here’s what the good man sent along in response to my article about Pat Robertson:

“Your article about Pat Robertson or Radical Cleric as you call him is a typical example of Liberal, self proclaimed know it all, uneducated rhetoric. First, a Radical Cleric is one who promotes the killing & bombing of innocent people because of their religion, race and/or belief. These turbine wearing morons do this all in the name of allah, their supposed god. By the way Christ predicted this would occur to his people and those who follow him in the last days. Read John 16:1-3.

Why don’t you do some investigating (you do know what that means right?) and learn what organization was immediately with the Red Cross administering aid to Katrina victims. No, it’s not any of the Islamic, Radical Cleric run mosques or organizations. No you see they’re too busy devising ways of blowing you & your country up. It was Pat Robertson’s Operation Blessing, an organization I proudly support and pray for.

Though I do agree Pat should have kept his comments to himself for the sake of our country. But to advocate taking out an individual leader, a self proclaimed enemy of the United States, is much different than an individual advocating taking out you, your family, friends and neighbors with a car bomb, jet or what ever else they have up their gowns. By the way Do some real research on Mr. Chavez. Better yet, why don’t you move down there and start writing slanderous articles about him. We’ll see how long you last.

My tip to you, read Proverbs1:7″

Now, I do take issue with a couple of things the Reverend Scratch Messiah said here. First and foremost, I must dispute Messiah’s allegation that my article is an example of “Liberal, self proclaimed know it all, uneducated rhetoric.” While I do not dispute the fact that I am a Liberal self proclaimed know it all, I have to say that I spew out Educated rhetoric. That stings, being called uneducated, especially by a guy who thinks Pat Robertson is a good man. It’s a real pot calling the kettle black syndrome, at least to this know it all.

Reverend Messiah also seems to think, and bear with me here as some of what he says is kinda true, that “Radical Clerics are turbine wearing morons”. Now, forget the fact that anyone who puts a turbine on top of their heads and try to talk about religion would indeed be a moron; after all, some turbines are huge and really can hurt. What Scratch Messiah obviously meant to say was that Radical Clerics wear turbans, not turbines. I know that, even if the Reverend Messiah doesn’t. See, see? I’m not uneducated, so there.

In an effort to foster religious tolerance, The Reverend Messiah refuses to capitalize the name Allah, which is petty, I think, as is calling Allah a “supposed” God. But here’s the thing I do agree with: Radical Clerics, like Osama bin Laden and Pat Robertson (and I think no one would dispute that Robertson is a Cleric, which just means that he is a member of the clergy, and he is pretty radical…a man of God advocating political assassination is a pretty radical thing.) are morons; anyone who thinks offing world leaders because their President doesn’t agree with their politics is pretty moronic.

In particular, advocating the assassination of Hugo Chavez, a social reformer who at this moment enjoys a 70% favorable rating in his country and who just last year won a vote to remove him that even Jimmy Carter endorsed, because Bush doesn’t like his politics is really radical, not to mention moronic. Nearly 70% of Americans don’t like George Bush according to recent polls…what does the Reverend Messiah think we should do about him? As much as I’d like to see him arrested for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, I certainly don’t advocate doing anything as moronic as Pat Robertson would if he didn’t like him.

Then Rev. Messiah refers me to John, Chapter 16, 1-3:
“All this I have told you so that you will not go astray. 2They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God. 3They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me. 4I have told you

This I agree with…anyone who kills you, (as Robertson would kill Chavez) “do such things because they have not known the Father.” It’s an odd passage to quote, given the topic. Rev. Messiah also mentions that while George Bush did nothing, Pat Robertson’s group was right there delivering hurricane relief. Good for them, although I don’t know if they were in New Orleans helping the poor impoverished Blacks abandoned there or if they were just concentrating on their own people. I do hope they helped the Muslims, Pagans and Jews caught there, turbines or not. Messiah also does seem to agree that Robertson should have kept his stupid mouth shut; apparently he wanted the assassination thing to be a surprise. However, he does think that there are various types of murder; killing Chavez is alright but killing me is bad. I thank him for that…I was a little worried. But Chavez is not a self proclaimed enemy of the US. More correctly, Chavez is George Bush’s enemy. Republicans don’t like Socialists in their backyard…it makes em look bad. He also suggests I go to Venezuela and write bad things about Chavez. If I was a Venezuelan, didn’t like Chavez and could speak or write Spanish I like to think I would. I’m pretty up front about my feelings for Bush and probably have an FBI file because of it, even though I’m a depressingly law abiding citizen. We’ll see how long I last here.

Finally, Proverbs 1:7… “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge,
but fools [a] despise wisdom and discipline.”

Any man who thinks he can decide who lives and who dies does not fear the LORD, he thinks he is the LORD. Robertson ( and George Bush for that matter) should repent now, before it’s too late to save their asses from the Fire.