CIA Still Concerned over Al-Zawahiri

Washington, DC (APE) -The CIA today still refused to issue an apology for the presumed predator strike which took the lives of 17 innocent villagers in a remote border town in Pakistan. While the CIA refused to apologize, it has been widely reported that the agency was after the Al Qaeda number two leader Ayman al-Zawahari. The agency even went so far as to re-release one of the last known pictures of Al-Zawahiri.

A spokesperson for the agency stated that it does appear that Al-Zawahiri may not have been at the location that they haven’t accepted responsibility for obliterating. He stated that it now appears that Al-Zawahiri may have moved, and furthermore, may have altered his appearance.

He urged Americans to familiarize themselves with the picture of Al-Zawahiri and imagine him in various guises. He further stated that Americans should consider the possibility that Al Qaeda may very well be here amongst us silently spreading its brand of radicalism, hatred, intolerance, terrorism, death and destruction.

White House spokesperson Scott McClellan stated, “This is a perfect example of how those who would question the president’s motives at a time of war can do much more harm than good. Leaking the story that the CIA might have been responsible for the tragic deaths of innocent civilians in Pakistan has resulted in nationwide demonstrations and needless unrest in one of our allies against the enemy. America can rest assured, however, that our brand of democracy will be preserved at all costs here at home.”