Cindy McCain admits she voted for Barack Obama in New Mexico Caucus

(Washington) Ucs News– Arizona Senator John McCain stood ashen faced as his Wife Cindy confirmed the signature on a Democratic party absentee ballot was hers. The Senators wife was forces to call the press conference after The New Mexico Democratic party leaked photocopies of a ballot proving that she is a registered Democrat and that she voted for Barack Obama in the states February 5th Presidential Caucus.

The McCains stood apart as Cindy admitted that she had secretly registered as a Democrat after meeting Barack Obama during the Senate’s December Holiday Party. According to Mrs. McCain, “The young Illinois senators message of hope was an inspiration to her.” According her personal secretary, Cindy McCain held several secret meetings with Michelle Obama before she abandoned Republican party.

When asked is she would leave her husbands campaign Cindy McCain said “absolutely not”. With tears in her eyes Mrs. McCain stated that she loved John McCain and that she would support his effort to become the President, “It’s what John wants, but I would support him even if he were running for national dog catcher.”

Cindy McCain concluded her remarks by declaring “I do love John McCain with all my heart, but this is still a democracy and I’m doing what is best for America. I’m voting for Barack Obama!”