Cindy Sheehan Wounded During Arrest By Bush Secret Service Team and FBI

Unconfirmed sources report that super mother Cindy Sheehan was gravely wounded last night when Secret Service and FBI agents raided her ditch and took her into custody. Sheehan, whose 24 year old son was killed in Iraq , was camping out in Crawford Texas to protest against the President’s war policies. Sheehan had been demanding a face-to-face meeting with the President who has been too busy vacationing to meet the mother of a fallen soldier.

Locals who witnessed the conflagration say that several armored personal carriers and dozens of ground troops attacked ‘Camp Casey’ around 2am. The peaceful encampment was overrun in minutes as Secret Service and FBI agents used lethal force to subdue the sleeping protesters. Heavy gun fire and tear gas were used to apprehend Cindy Sheehan and 5 others who had been using the camps site as a base of operations.

“We had a job to do and we did it.” Says General Richard B. Myers upon completion of Operation Noble Cause . “Sheehan and her gang of thugs were putting the President and the nation at risk and they had to be taken out. Sheehan’s presence in Crawford, while not posing a physical threat to the President, posed an unacceptable threat to his media standing, and we can’t have that. Anybody who openly opposes the President and makes a public stink about it needs to be silenced. It’s for the good of the nation, we can’t let the terrorists think we are divided.”

After the operation Sheehan was rushed to a secure military hospital for treatment of wounds she received during her arrest. The other people who were staying at ‘Camp Casey’ have been taken to Guantanamo Bay for questioning. The site of the camp is now a closed military zone and is being patrolled by members of the FBI and Secret Service.

The President who had been refusing to meet Sheehan was seen entering the hospital where she has been taken.