Citing Iraq Victory, George W. Bush Begins Troop Withdrawal.

May 24, 2006

In an unexpected yet welcome announcement from the White House Rose Garden, United States President George W. Bush has made public plans for removing American troops from Iraq. Explaining that the United States has actually won the War on Terror, Mr. Bush said that there was no longer a need to keep US military forces in the Middle East. Saying all troops should be home in time to vote in the November, 2006 mid term Congressional elections, Mr. Bush then took questions from the stunned and excited White House press corps.

In response to a question regarding his earlier vows that US troops wouldn’t leave the war torn country until it was free, Mr. Bush responded, “We looked carefully at the situation and were quite frankly surprised ourselves to find that Iraq is indeed already free. Wealthy Iraqi’s have been free to leave the country and thousands of passports have already been issued to them to travel anywhere they’d like