Clinton Accepts VP Slot On Dream Ticket

Unconfirmed sources report that Hillary Clinton has decided to end her campaign for the presidency and has accepted an offer to be the Vice Presidential running mate of John McCain. The political world is in shock at the news that Hillary Clinton has bolted the Democratic party and decided to run on the Republican ticket.

“I don’t understand what all the hubbub is about.” Says Clinton spokesperson Anita Shot. “The policies of Hillary and John are just not that far apart, and when you factor in the cross party appeal of this ‘unity’ ticket it looks like a sure winner in November.”

“My god what a shrewd move.” Says Washington watcher Andrew Sullivan. “This is a play even Machiavelli would be proud of. I figure it this way, the Clinton camp has decided that they can’t beat Obama and McCain is so old that being his VP will almost assure that Hillary will ascend to the Presidency very soon. It’s brilliant…brilliant.”

The Clinton and McCain campaigns would not comment on the report, but screen shots of a television ad featuring the new ticket have already appeared on the Internet.