As a long-time Democrat, I listen unbelievingly, amazed and horror-stricken, as every stupid utterance by Clinton and Obama causes McCain and the Bushies to dance with delight.

The Republicans couldn’t have planned a better scenario than the Democrat’s self-destructive path….which gets worse and worse daily.

With 28 Democrat governors, scores of Democrat congressmen, hundreds of Democrat mayors, a plethora of Ph.D. Democrat political scientists at top colleges and universities, skilled Democrat CEO’s heading up innovative and successful corporations, how in holy hell were these two ciphers selected?
A few months ago, there was no question that the horrors of the Bush government would finally end…no doubt about it. I now predict a huge McCain victory as the two foot-in-mouth Democrat candidates club each other to death.

Let’s mention the unmentionable. A black can’t make it in our still-racist society, and a woman as Commander-in Chief? Never!

We had a great selection of skilled, normal candidates to chose from. Candidates who would have been shoe-ins, reflecting the overwhelming need to end the Bush fiasco. Is it too late to force these losers out of the race and somehow come up with a winner at the convention? Probably so.

Our next President;> John McCain…. and the Republicans didn’t even have to pull their planned dirty tricks to get him elected. They don’t have to, they just sit back,grinning, and watch the Democrats self-destruct.