Clinton Continues to Court Trailer Trash Voting Block in Kentucky

In a conference call today the Clinton campaign revealed their strategy to win over poor white voters. Operation ‘Cracker’, which delivered West Virginia and Indiana, focused on stoking up the insecurities and bitterness poor whites feel toward upper and middle class whites and ethnic groups. The plan is viewed as the last chance Hillary has to head off the nomination of Barack Obama in the remaining primary contests.

In the conference call Clinton staffers explained how the campaign would target the sub groups that make up the white trash voting block. The main sub groups targeted by the Clinton campaign include Crackers, Milk Shakes, Hicks, Red Necks, Bumpkins, Yokels and NASCAR fans. The hopes and fears of each group have been identified and political language has been crafted for maximum appeal.

Operation Cracker is credited with delivering Indiana and West Virginia and is being used in Kentucky and rural parts of Oregon.

“Who would have thought this years election would focus the redneck vote,” says Clinton campaign strategist Mark Penn. “We realized this later than we should have, but there is still time to mobilize the mobile home voters, hell, they are half way mobilized already.”