Clinton Offers Photographic Proof of Crossing Commander in Chief Threshold

Scranton, PA (Rotters) – As charges and counter charges from the Clinton and Obama campaigns swirled in Pennsylvania, the Clinton campaign today released what it claimed was photographic proof of the Senator’s crossing the important “Commander in Chief Threshold”. This comes in apparent response to the Obama campaign’s release of photographs and video footage which seemed to mock the former first lady’s claims of international influence and experience.

“It’s readily apparent that the Senator crossed this important threshold a long time ago,” stated Clinton campaign manager Mark Warren. “We also feel that this photograph offers solid proof that she has done this on her own and has in no way been “carried” across this threshold by her husband. Furthermore, she has crossed this threshold many times as a result of severe testing.”

The Clinton campaign also suggested that it would be willing to release recently documented proof of the Clintons’ filing for a trial separation of powers which would be finalized upon her acquisition of the presidency.