Clinton Rejects Endorsement from Cincinnati Talkshow DJ Willie Cunningham

Cleveland,OH (UPSI) – After a dustup yesterday with Senator John McCain’s campaign, conservative Cincinnati radio talk show host Willie Cunningham reported for duty as promised to the Hillary Clinton campaign. He offered to serve as a warm-up for a scheduled Clinton campaign appearance in downtown Cleveland today, and stated that he would offer his formal endorsement on stage with her. The Clinton campaign reportedly turned down his offer at the last minute, stating that they rejected his endorsement.

“Sure, I’m a little upset over this,” stated Cunningham. “I took a big chance stepping forwards for Hillary yesterday. Do you see any tire marks on my face? It’s pretty tough being thrown under two different buses within 24 hours. My offer still stands though… I’ll do anything to advance Hillary’s cause. I don’t think it’s anything personal from her campaign… I think they’re just afraid of the possible confusion of having two Willies with similar styles aboard.”

A Clinton campaign spokesperson stated that, “while we appreciate Mr. Cunningham’s enthusiasm, we feel bound to reject his endorsement outright. We do appreciate the inroads to conservative Republican and independent voters that he might have to offer, and for these reasons, we won’t go so far as to formally denounce his endorsement.”

After Republican Senator John McCain’s apology yesterday for Mr. Cunningham’s behavior, media watchers have remarked upon a seeming groundswell of support for Mr. Cunningham from other more popular right-wing personalities. A deal is reportedly in the works for a formal endorsement of Mrs. Clinton from the combined likes of Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity. The Clinton campaign stated that it would consider rejection of the endorsements on an individual basis, based upon merit.