Cnet Launches Dating Site To Hook Up Buzz Townies

Unconfirmed sources report that Cnet is starting a new website to link up it’s viewers. The site called Cnet Connect is a web 2.o/social networking site where visitors read profiles and try to make matches for other participants. The site is currently in private beta, but is expected to go public in just a few weeks.

“We are very excited about this project.” Says Tom Merritt, of Cnet’s wildly popular Buzz Out Loud program. “It’s funny we had one great caller, a gal named Fordo, and suddenly love was flowing over the net. Our listeners found out how cool they were and wanted to meet each other. We are just making it possible.”

“Yeah!” says Molly Wood. “All those other webs site have nothing on us! We are going to be the best dating site on the web! Those others site suck! We are going to rock this space!”

“I just love this site.” Says long time listener Alex from Miami. “I just had a baby with my wife that I met online in a Buzz Out Loud forum. Now Cnet and the buzzards are going to spread the love all over the net. I went on and helped four people hook up already. Maybe we’ll hear wedding bells and hear the patter of little buzzard feet real soon. Love the show!”

“I like the concept.” Says net guru Leo Laporte, of TWIT. “It’s totally web 2.o. but also ‘hey I know this girl who would be great for you’ at the same time. It’s friends hooking up friends with other friends. I think the Buzz crew has got lightening in a bottle here. Go Buzzards!”

“What? I know these guys. This is a bunch of garbage.” Says Cranky Geek, formerly John C. Dvorak. “These guys are just sitting around trying to think of things to make a controversy. Cnet Connect is flash in the pan. If you wanna get hooked go to a Greek wedding for goodness sake.”

Cnet Connect is still invitation only, but rumor has it if you would like to participate all you need to do is download any cnet podcast and listen for the secret code.