Cnet's Molly Wood Fine After Demagnetizing Close Call

Uber popular Internet personality Molly Wood is resting comfortably at home tonight following a harrowing day. Wood who had been seeking treatment for her magnetic field at the San Francisco Regional Medical Center spent several tense minutes in an ultra polarized magnetic state when a demagnetizing treatment went terribly wrong.

“Molly is fine.” Says fellow Buzz Out Loud co-host Tom Merritt. “But things did get a little dicey for a moment there. Apparently the MRI machine they where using to try and demagnetize Molly couldn’t take the strength of her field and malfunctioned. Her magnetic field then went all crazy and actually got stronger, like way stronger. The doctors were able to shut down the machine and Molly’s field started to return to normal. They figure she should be fine in just a few days. Whew!”

Wood suffers from a rare and sometimes debilitating condition known as Magnogigantisosis, she and fellow sufferers have exceptionally strong personal magnetic fields. All people have magnetic fields, but in some people the fields can be hundreds of times stronger than normal. The condition can cause many electronic devices to malfunction in the presence of the suffer and even degrade performance of nearby Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth devices.

Doctors of the San Francisco Regional Medical Center have been at the forefront of the study of Magnogigantisosis and have had very positive results in developing a treatment protocol.

One doctor admitted privately that Wood’s fields is of exceptional strength and they had very much hoped to cure her of it. “Ms Woods field is like the Mount Everest of magnetic fields, helping her would have been a real feather in our cap.”