Colbert Receives O'Reilly Campaign Endorsement and Contribution

New York, NY (Rotters) – Stephen Colbert last night capped off a successful dual appearance with Fox news commentator and pundit Bill O’Reilly with a resounding endorsement and campaign contribution from O’Reilly himself. O’Reilly ended Colbert’s broadcast last night with a surprise presentation of a check for $50,000 to the Stewart/Colbert 08 campaign. O’Reilly is the latest in a long list of celebrities to endorse the growing campaign to place Stewart and Colbert in the White House in 2008.

O’Reilly thanked Colbert for his steadfast support, and declared the campaign officially vetted by Fox News Security. The oversized check was affectionately made out to “Baby Bear”, a nod to Colbert’s frequent referral to O’Reilly as “Papa Bear”.

“I’m happy to support this refreshing, bipartisan campaign,” stated O’Reilly, “we had a little bit of cash still sitting around after the settlement over the falafel incident, and I thought why not put it to good use.”

The normally stoic Colbert was seen to tear up a bit and was momentarily speechless. “I pledge to you, papa bear, that this campaign is going to go to Washington and to make that bed that all these politicians are laying in just right,” Colbert finally said emotionally.

Colbert went on to say that the $50,000 would likely go towards a campaign bus, complete with wet bar and sleeping facilities. The cash-strapped Stewart/Colbert campaign had previously been relying on an abandoned General Motors EV-1 for transportation.

After the show, Colbert gleefully returned a microwave which he had stolen in jest from the ready room at Fox News Studios earlier in the evening after his appearance on O’Reilly’s program. Fox security denied rumors that 1.5 million in cash traced to Republican National Campaign Headquarters had been found hidden in the microwave.