College Students Mob Wal-Marts Nationwide in Quest for Aqua-Dots

Bentonville, AR (Rotters) – Wal-Mart stores nationwide are reporting that they are being swamped by young college age customers who are showing up on rumors that the 2007 Children’s Toy of the Year, Aqua-Dots, might still be available on the shelves. Rioting, and some arrests have reportedly broken out in some stores. Aqua-Dots were just yesterday recalled nationwide due to reports in Australia of children swallowing the colorful beads, resulting in extreme sedation resembling the effects of the illicit date rape drug GHB. Some stores have been slow in enacting the mandatory recall, and rumors of availability in certain stores have spread over the Internet like wildfire, resulting in unruly crowds in some stores.

The offending chemical appears to be 1,4 butylene glycol, an adhesive solvent which was used instead of a safer glue by the Chinese manufacturer. The toy consists of colorful beads which adhere together after they become wet.

Retailers Target, and have also begun pulling their entire Aqua-Dots line. Almost as fast as the toys are being pulled from the shelves, they are appearing for sale on eBay for upwards of 10 times the retail price.

The most popular toy appears to be the Aqua-Dots Super Studio. Retailing for $29.95, they have begun surfacing on eBay for as much as $500. The Super Studio is reportedly modified into a hookah, or cold water pipe, through which the Aqua-Dots are carefully titrated, moistened, and inhaled.

“This is just so much safer than trying to cook up GHB in your dorm room,” stated an anonymous fraternity member. “I’m a little ticked off though… we’ve been to three Wal-Marts within a 50 mile radius and we haven’t been able to score anything yet. They even tried to card us on the whipped cream.”