Come on Guys Give Bush Another Chance

Critics have been picking on the President since he took office. They don’t seem to realize that a president can’t work all the time and Bush couldn’t call off his six-week presidential vacation in Texas just because of some terrorist warnings before 9/11.

They ignore the fact that if he had told the truth about WMD and admitted that there were no terrorists hiding in Iraq, our military wouldn’t be flexing their muscles and increasing its budget. They even complain about torturing a few prisoners.

They complain because Bush awards billion-dollar no-bid contracts to Halliburton, as if his vice president shouldn’t continue to get a monthly retirement check for his work as a CEO there. Critics complain about tax cuts for the wealthy as if poor people can use a tax cut, when they don’t make enough even to pay taxes. Then they turn around and want to raise the minimum wage. Listen to the Chamber of Commerce people. This would raise the cost for lawn care and pool cleaning, and increase the cost of meals at fancy restaurants, thus lowering our standard of living.

Critics dislike the soaring national debt and spending billions of dollars in Iraq, as if the capitalist system can work otherwise.

And this New Orleans thing? So what if Bush appointed an incompetent horsy-set director to handle FEMA and waited forever to bring relief? Hurricane Katrina stopped didn’t it?

Critics complain about “The No-child Left Standing Act,” but without the feds in classroom, how will kids learn anything? They act as if “The No Forest Left Standing Act” doesn’t make lumber to ship to Japan. Now they complain about an incomprehensible and costly prescription drug bill, designed to keep old people on their toes. Won’t these critics ever stop and give Bush another chance?

Now critics are complaining about the President’s order to secretly spy on thousands of US citizens and residents in the US without search warrants. The president ordered the National Security Agency to spy on anyone in the US because he’s the boss. All we have to do is trust him and his neo-con advisors, who wouldn’t dream of using these laws against critics like Valerie Wilson, political opponents like John McCain, or those in his own party who oppose his policies, like Richard Clarke. And he doesn’t have to explain the process: The Supreme Court appointed him president, didn’t they?

Isn’t it about time that we stop distrusting the president just because he’s been deceptive and manipulative in the past and misled us?

After all, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reports that Attorney General Gonzales, former Attorney General Ashcroft, and former Supreme Court nominee Harriet Myers all studied the spying and said it is okay with them. Maybe they did tell the president that this has never been done before and reminded him that President Richard Nixon was impeached for a similar deed, but he can go right ahead “and do anything he wants as long as he talks to God.”

Just because Congress passed some laws in 1978, after they caught Nixon spying on US citizens, doesn’t make Bush a spy. Can’t we just forget the whisper campaign about Governor Ann Richards being a lesbian that Karl Rove orchestrated to defeat her when Bush ran for governor of Texas? And the GOP advise to the Swift Boat Veterans campaign to defeat John Kerry in 2004? Bush plays fair; he even warned Valerie Wilson, the undercover CIA agent, when he told reporters that she was “fair game” because her husband proved disloyal by telling the truth about WMD.

Aren’t constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizure and protections that prevent warrants from being issued without “probable cause” a little old-fashioned in this age of Enron, Abramoff and globalization? Just because Karl Rove sits in the White House and directs partisan struggles characterized by observers as arrogant, messianic and dishonest, is that any reason to distrust the president?

We’ve had other presidents that people disagreed with like Ulysses S. Grant and Calvin Coolidge, but the nation survived, didn’t it? Bush is a strong leader and Americans love strong leaders. So what if he risks our values, our liberty and our future? Americans love to gamble; it pits us against the universe. So to all the critics, why wait for the Rapture when we have Bush in the White House? Sit back and enjoy the ride. There’s only three more years to go and, by that time, Karl Rove will find us a new president.