Commission Accomplished! Baker-Hamilton Study Demands Immediate Pullback

Washington, DC (APE) – After an exhaustive months long investigation, the vaunted bi-partisan Baker-Hale commission results were presented to the president and the American public today. The conclusions stunned many, including the White House, as the commission’s well-thought-out strategy for the troubled mission in Iraq virtually mirrored the stance put forth by Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman John Murtha, almost one year ago today. Perhaps highlighting the emotional nature of this proposed drastic change of course, President Bush was seen to be wiping a tear from his eye.

The release of the report caught many by surprise, as, earlier in the weekend, both Hamilton and Baker had insisted that there was much work still to be done. Apparently early this morning, both came to the conclusion that the evidence was overwhelming for the immediate pull back and strategic redeployment, and that hesitation at this point would only cost more American and Iraqi lives.

The commission had been scheduled to meet with upper-level cabinet members as well as British Prime Minister Tony Blair by video link early this morning. Vice President Cheney, on a Sunday appearance with Fox news, had stated that he was undecided about whether he would be willing to participate or give testimony to the commission, and said with certainty that he would ignore any subpoena.

“If these recommendations bring greater consensus between Republicans and Democrats, I think they could be very harmful for the nation,” stated Cheney. He added: “If there were a shotgun solution I would have already pulled the trigger.”