Condoleezza Rice Pumps Iron for Television

Washington, DC (O! Online) – When she’s not pumping international diplomats for favors, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is usually pumping iron and doing Reps in the gym. Rice will be showcasing her many talents in a three part series with local NBC television affiliate, WRC, starting this coming Wednesday morning.

Barbara Harrison, anchor for WRC’s morning show will be featuring Ms. Rice in a piece that she has been sharing with her audience in which she is attempting to lose ten pounds.

“I was impressed,” said Harrison, speaking of Ms. Rice, “She is an animal! This really explains a lot about US foreign policy.”

In the segment, Rice will also give dieting, and workout tips, as well as a small talk about needle safety.

“She is probably the most cut secretary of State in US history,” said State Department spokesman Adam Ereli. “She’s large and in charge.”

The clip is said to conclude with Ms. Rice dead lifting a gleefully giggling President Bush over her head. Interested viewers can expect the clip to air at about 5:45 AM EST.