Condoleezza Rice Threatens Iran and Syria With Mini-Nukes

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has carried the message articulated by the President directly to the middle east this week. She made her point by repeating the Presidents threats to “…interrupt the flow of support from Iran and Syria. And we will seek out and destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies in Iraq.” while holding up one of America’s new mini-nukes. It has been made absolutely clear the Bush administration will stop at nothing to accomplish it’s mission in Iraq.

Response to Rice’s threats has been immediate and profound. Across the Middle East regular people have taken to the streets in protest . Even moderate Arab states have called the threats ‘provocative’ and ‘irresponsible’. The entire Arab world seems to be united in condemning the bellicose rantings of Secretary Rice and President Bush.

Not all reactions to Rice’s comments are negative however. Frederick Kagan, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute has spoken very positively about Secretary Rice’s comments.

“I think she got it right. I think the threat to use mini-nukes in targeted strikes to pacify troubling areas inside Iran and Syria is a good moderate response.” Said Kagen. “It’s not like we are really going to invade Syria and Iran, I mean come on. What would we invade with? The Salvation Army? Militarily speaking, we are tapped out. We got nothing left. Nuclear weapons are the only real way we can stop Iran or Syria from doing anything. I say don’t wait, lets start dropping those mini-nukes in the border areas of Syria and Iran. And heck we might as well bomb the tribal regions of Pakistan and get the Taliban while we are at it.”

The mere existence on the mini-nukes has taken many military watchers by surprise. While it has been known for years that Bush administration was trying to develop nuclear weapons ‘small enough to use’, no one realized how small they actually talking about.