Congresswoman Dina Titus urges constituents to print their own money

HENDERSON, NV – Congresswoman Dina Titus is urging her constituents to start printing their own money, saying that this will help revive the broken economy.

“The economic experts, like Paul Krugman, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama, all agree that we suffer from a currency that isn’t depreciating fast enough. Therefore, I am calling on every resident of Congressional District 3 in Nevada to start counterfeiting money,” said Congresswoman Titus.

Many Las Vegas area economists are saying that such measures could provide a much needed boost to the economy.

“This would be a shot in the arm to the local economy by providing much needed liquidity to the market,” said Robin Banks, an economist with Risky Ventures, Inc. “What we really need is Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation.”

Many consumer organizations are praising the Congresswoman for taking such a bold stance.

“We all knew that everybody is suffering from low prices. When prices go down everybody just stops shopping. God forbid if something should be marked down, on sale, or sold at liquidation prices. What the average consumer is looking for is higher prices – much higher prices,” said Faye Kerr, president of Consumer Advocates of Nevada [CAN]. “What our organization advocates is spiraling inflation.”

Earlier last year, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner unveiled a new program designed to combat falling prices, called the No Sales & Low Prices, or NOSLOP, program. The target is for consumer staples to rise at least four or five times wages. So far, the efforts have failed to make prices rise substantially. This failure has been blamed on inadequate money printing measures by the Fed.

“The Treasury has a plurality of tools at its disposal to combat price deflation and prevent people from finding bargains. We all know that consumers get upset at low prices, so we started a new program called No Sales & Low Prices [NOSLOP]. We are asking consumers to report any store that is advertising anything as being on sale, or if they find anything on a store shelf that is marked down,” said Treasury Secretary Geithner.

It is now a federal felony to lower prices without the approval of President Obama’s Consumer Price Czar.

Congresswoman Titus has pledged to work with consumer advocacy groups to help protect consumers from falling prices. If you notice anything that looks like it might be priced too low, Congresswoman Titus’ aides are asking you to call her office at (702)387-4941 and report it immediately.

“We all know how irritating low prices can be,” said Titus. “Maybe we can put an end to low prices once and for all.”