Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Responds to Herself

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In what some political observers call a bold move, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who heads the Bush Groupie Caucus, issued a statement responding to her very own statement. If you don’t believe me, then see: HERE

After Congresswoman Bachmann issued her statement in response to her earlier statement, Pot Lovers of the United States [PLUS] issued a statement responding to Bachmann’s response to her earlier statement.

Congresswoman Bachmann admitted that she was smoking weed when she said that Iran was going to fragment Iraq, even though it is the U.S. government that invaded Iraq, not Iran. But then Bachmann also admitted she smokes weed every day, and that she couldn’t organize her thoughts right because she is always too high. She also announced her intention to check into rehab.

“Rather, I am way too stoned to say what I want to say. I promise, promise, I will check myself into rehab ASAP on Monday,” read Congresswoman Bachmann’s statement.

President of Pot Lovers of the United States, or PLUS, Emma Stoned, issued a statement saying that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is being totally irresponsible by suggesting that her thoughts are disorganized from being high.

“Plenty of people smoke pot and get high, and they are still able to think and speak more clearly than Congresswoman Bachmann,” said Emma Stoned. “Bachmann’s statement is an insult and affront to weed. Not only that, if she smokes pot, then why is she such a neocon warmongerer?”

When asked if pot smokers like Congresswoman Michele Bachmann would be allowed membership in PLUS, Emma Stoned said absolutely not. So, even the pot smokers reject Bachmann for being too irresponsible.