Conservatives Celebrate Reagan Legacy : Dead Fags

(WASHINGTON:Ucs News) Across the nation American Conservatives from Newt Gingrich to John McCain and Sarah Palin are commemorating the 100th birthday of the former president at the Ronald Reagan. In a six hour speech given at at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Half term Quitter, Sarah Palin Celebrated Reagan’s campaign against sick Americans.

Palin Stated, “We should all be proud of how Ronald Reagan willfully ignored the Aids epidemics first deadly years. Ronald Reagan bravely stood silent as a mystery disease invaded our country and killed our citizens.”

“He showed such strength as By April 23, 1984, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced 4,177 reported cases in America and 1,807 deaths. While the 911 attacks death toll was similar Reagan said nothing of the Americans dying of Aids.” said Palin.

If only all Americans had followed Ronald Reagan’s lead on AIDS. Drugs like AZT would not be saving the lives of Fags and we would not be so close to a vaccine that will save millions.

Let us all celebrate Roland Reagan’s 100th birthday! For he made America into that shining city on the hill…..with dying fags.