Coulter Offers Endorsement to Edwards Campaign

Washington, DC (APE) – Fans and pundits alike were stunned when, in a pique of anger, right-wing columnist Ann Coulter offered her services to the John Edwards for President campaign last night on “Hardball”. Coulter was engaged in a heated debate with Edwards’ wife Elizabeth at the prompting of show host Chris Matthews, when she testily offered to Ms. Edwards that they should feel free to use her to forward the former North Carolina senator’s Democratic campaign for the presidency. The Edwards camp wasted no time in taking Ms. Coulter up on the suggestion and unveiled their new campaign poster designed for youth appeal.

“This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind,” stated Ms. Coulter, “but I do look hot, don’t I?”

“Interest in the new poster is through the roof,” stated an Edwards campaign spokesperson, “we can’t print enough of them. It’s polling really well right now with the under 21 demographics, and we’re looking for a lot of cross party support. You can’t beat the young Republican males away with a baseball bat.”

An anonymous spokesperson for the Hilary Clinton campaign scoffed at the notion that the poster would in any way be capable of salvaging Edwards’ flagging campaign. “I can just see Ms. Coulter laughing and running all the way to the bank on her spindly legs,” stated the spokesperson.