Crowe to Star in Gibson's Autobiographical Film?

Hollywood, CA (O! Online) – Bad Boy newcomer Mel Gibson, after this weekend’s strategic preemptive apology for his recent drunken and abusive public behavior, today announced a new project which will include fellow Australian Russell Crowe. Talks are underway for Crowe to star in an autobiographical film in which he will portray Gibson.

Press agents for both actors stated that all involved felt that the project had the potential to be a real winner. The agents cited marketing research which showed that not only did both men stand a good chance for having their past drunken and rowdy public transgressions forgiven by moviegoers, but both stood to benefit tremendously through the affiliation with each other.

Gibson is reportedly set to direct Crowe in a depiction of Gibson’s life in which his entire career is crucified by the press.

Insiders stated that the negotiations between Crowe and Gibson began amicably enough but then deteriorated over drinks. Crowe reportedly, at one point, attempted to throw a phone booth at Gibson, after Gibson accused him of trying to “Jew him down” throughout the talks.