Cruel President Bush : Partial-birth Abortions : Virginia Massacre : Surging in Baghdad Blasted :…

George W. Bush : Trending Sick Bastard
Bodies litter Virginia Tech campus
your talking 2nd amendment rights.
You will burn in hell for that Mr. Bush

Partial-birth Abortions : Trending Down
Never a good Partial-birth Abortion around….
when you really need one.
5 old men speak for the nations women.

Virginia Tech : Trending Sad
33 lives more lives added to the cost of our love affair with guns.
Wanted: Well regulated militias or sensible gun laws.

The Surge in Iraq : Trending Down
Deaths of Americans and Iraqis sure is surging.
Not what we had in mind. Note to self Mr. president

George W. Bush and his war spending : Trending Down
What muscle is that you are trying to flex?
Sorry Mr. president you can’t pin this on the “Democrat” leaders.

John McCain : Trending Down
Bet the farm on Iraq surge Opps!
Now campaigning from a secure undisclosed location

Alberto Gonzales : Trending Down
Pounded by Congress Again!
Please-Please make it stop……

Don Imus and Paul Wolfowitz : Trending Up
Off the hook – Virginia Tech Massacre news cycle clean sweep
Bigotry and banking will go on without you.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid : Trending Up
Survived meeting with lion in his den.
Go figure the President has no teeth.