Dan Bartlett : Longtime Bush aide bails out to avoid "indignities"

WASHINGTON (Ucs News) — Dan Bartlett, one of President Bush’s most trusted advisers and his longest-serving aide, said Friday he is resigning rather than suffer the last two years of the flailing Bush Presidency. “I just can’t stand to watch the coming indignities as the President stumbles through his last 600 days.” Bartlett said.

Feeling that his political career has been wasted, his resignation was announced on Bartlett’s 36th birthday. As a loyal toady he has been misguiding Bush for nearly 14 years, from Bush’s first campaign as governor of Texas, through the two stolen races for the White House Bartlett has been with the President.

As counselor to the President, Bartlett has been at the center of the White House’s poor decision-making processes. Over that past 14 years Bartlett has been tasked to defend many of Bush’s screw-ups, from the botched war in Iraq to the government’s bungled response to Hurricane Katrina and the Republicans’ loss of Congress.

He is known as someone who has Bush’s ear, Dan Bartlett is one of the few people most responsible for the huge mess the nation is in. Bartlett stated, “I’m planning to review my legal defense so I can spend time with my family rather than in jail. Thanks Dan…….